About The Brand


What is the meaning of a "Vibe”?

A Vibe is a distinctive feeling or quality that is capable of being sensed..

A person, place, or thing can give off a certain vibe! here at Sweet Vibez Cosmetics, we only strive to give off high, sweet vibes. We chose to keep our brand high vibrational because this kind of vibe is what attracts people to us!

About the CEO:

My name is Portia, and I am the CEO/founder of Sweet Vibez Cosmetics. This brand was started in my kitchen in 2017 practicing and playing around with different fragrance formulas everyday. I have a strong passion for fragrances, so one day I decided I wanted to start my own fragrance line. I studied and read different books on how to create perfume formulas and it took me 3 years to perfect my craft. I am truly a self taught perfumer and a master of my craft. I was spending my rent money to perfect my craft, which put me behind on rent and caused me to struggle for a while, but I knew this will all be worth it in the end.

I wanted to have my own perfume line but also wanted to keep my brand more on the fun, high vibrational side, so I decided to come out with perfume body mists because young millennials, who believe in keeping their vibrations high, such as myself are my intended customers. As a small indie brand I felt like this was the best way to start my brand off. My fragrance body mists are all handmade to perfection with natural and organic ingredients, including organic alcohol. I also wanted to include other beauty items such as lipsticks, lip glosses, and makeup products. I always told myself that Sweet Vibez Cosmetics will become the next successful beauty brand because I had something different to offer from other beauty brands.

My sweet, fruity, and floral body mists and whipped body butters will leave you feeling and smelling sweet. This brand really brings true sweet vibes to our customers.

Lipsticks that are food and drink proof, we strive to provide benefits that enables you to find one more reason to eat and drink whatever you want without reapplying.